About us

Nodalis Conseil delivers strategic, institutional, legal, financial and economic studies and advisory services in emerging and developing countries. We cover the entire range necessary to address complex issues in infrastructure, public service delivery, and urban growth. In particular, private sector participation in infrastructure development and in the management of public services is at the core of our practice.

Three principles underpin our approach :


Working towards consensus between all stakeholders

“ Effective and sustainable development policies require coalescing the objectives and the strengths of an array of stakeholders (Governments, donors, operators, civil society). ”

Benoît Allix - Chairman and founding Partner

Putting the user first

“ Nodalis Conseil is committed to improving access to services, as well as their quality, both tangibly and in terms of user perception. ”

Jean-Pierre Florentin - Director and Founding Partner

Independence and impartiality

“ The independence of Nodalis Conseil guarantees the objectivity and professional integrity of the work we do. ”

Daniel Tapin - Counsel (Paris Bar), founding Partner

Nodalis’ areas of expertise include energy, transport, water and sanitation, waste management and urban development. In addition to our own team of partners and in-house consultants, we can mobilize high-level expertise from a pool of trusted associates. We have also developed several partnerships with leading technical consulting and engineering firms.